Who Are You?

I am working out harder at the gym these days. And trying to eat better as well. What’s the new motivation? My doctor says that my blood pressure needs to be lower. The medical community says that high blood pressure is the “silent killer”.

I feel like my best days are ahead of me after finishing up the first half-century of my life last month.  Whatever it takes to keep my heart healthy, count me in. But there is another silent killer that I am even more concerned about. It is robbing many committed believers of their joy today.  It is called shame. And it wants to kill your spiritual heart. All believers struggle daily with shame. Including you.

Shame can be a sneaky and deceptive monster of the soul. Most believers do not know how shame works. First, let’s be clear about what it is not. Shame is not the sins and mistakes that you have committed in the past. I talked to a man last week that shot another man in cold blood. His pain today has nothing to do with that horrific past event.

Shame is also not the sins that have been committed against you. Regardless of how deeply you have been wounded by others, those past offenses have no power to impact you today. Yes, they happened.  And now they are in the past. So, what exactly is shame if it is not past sins and wounds? Shame is the dark cloud of fear, sadness, or anger that envelopes a believer whenever we choose to NOT believe the truth about who we are as God’s children. It is that simple.

I will ask you the crucial question that you are always answering, even if you are not aware of it. WHO ARE YOU? Think about that question for a moment. This question is crucial because everything that you say and do is a direct result of what you believe about yourself. Luke 6:45 tells us that whatever is in the heart the mouth speaks. ALL of our behavior is a natural result of what we believe. Or, what we choose to not believe. Improving your communication skills won’t help your marriage. Freedom from shame will! Do you believe what your Father God says about who you are?

Yesterday I typed a short text to the woman that I love. It was a simple gesture to remind her of my commitment and affection. The problem came when I tried to send the text. My fingers froze.  Why?  Because I was believing the nasty lie that “I don’t have what it takes to love a woman.” Shame had invaded my soul once again. And it caused me to revert back to being a wimpy man. Thankfully, Jesus came to my rescue and opened my eyes to the truth.

He reminded me that I am a powerful man of God and that He has given me everything I need to love, affirm, and minister to the beautiful woman that He has given me. I sent the text. And she was greatly blessed.

What lie are you believing about the powerful child of God that you are?

Take a look at these six shame-based lies:

1.  UNABLE TO LOVE:  I don’t have what it takes to love those closest to me.

2.  UNLOVABLE:  No one can or wants to deeply love me with all of my faults.

3.  INCOMPETENT:  I don’t have what it takes to fulfill God’s purpose for my life.

4.  POWERLESS:  I am stuck in my despair and always will be. 

5.  PERFECTION:  I must succeed and be perfect in all that I do. 

6.  UNWORTHY:  My past mistakes distort how I see myself today.

Which one of these dastardly falsehoods is being whispered into your ear today?

Step 1 is exposing the lie.

Ask Father God to reveal your big shame-based lie right now.  Look at your fears. Your fears will lead you straight to the lie.

Step 2 is to be still and listen to the Father’s voice.

Ask him to speak clearly through His word and His Spirit concerning the truth about who you are. Write this truth down, speak it out loud. Let this truth sink into the deepest parts of your soul. If you need to, shout it out loud!

Step 3 is to call a close friend.

Renounce the lie and declare the truth your friend. Invite them to affirm this life-giving truth to you every time they speak to you.

We must be aggressive about winning the battle for our minds. Father God wants to give you this victory by exposing shame-based lies and speaking His life-giving truth to you. Because of Christ Jesus, you are forgiven, 100% righteous, fully equipped for every good work, empowered to deeply love your spouse, and so much more. The only question is, do you believe it?

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