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These parts, with SPAR as the engine, equal life in Christ to me.

What are they and why do I need more things on my calendar?

Simply, I need these things in my life because they are life-giving to me and everyone in my life. These seven things have altered my calendar and have rewritten my idea of what is important.

They have actually simplified my life.

How could adding eight items simplify my life?

I trust God with my life now. I am not defined by self-effort.

In other words, what I thought was important has changed and so has my plans.

Men’s Boot Camp allowed me to remove my masks and speak honestly about my heart’s condition. It has provided a brotherhood of men that love me and remind me who I am.

The weekend allowed me to be real and gave me back my own voice.

SPAR (Sharpen, Pray, Affirm, and Repent) is my direct connection to life in Christ.

This meeting with other men is the focus of a real brotherhood.

The weekly gathering of men for an hour and a half or two is the path to freedom from pride and fear. These men keep me from isolating.

This is how the brotherhood of Jesus followers lives life in Christ every day.

Men’s Boot Camp x 2 is an outright miraculous collision of truth over lies in my heart that explodes when I see more clearly what Jesus does in the lives of other men.

James 5:16 becomes a reality at Men’s Boot Camp. “Confess your sins to each other, pray, and YOU WILL BE HEALED!”

Thank you, Jesus, for healing my heart and the hearts of so many men.

Freedom Ministry Training, or FMT, clears up who I think I am and who God is. My identity becomes clear as I realize who I am in Christ.

It is equipping men to help other men find freedom from shame, unforgiveness and fear.

Forgiving Forward opens wide the door to forgiveness and individuals are liberated, marriages restored, and families reunited.

This seminar teaches people how to forgive and how to help others forgive.

We have mistaken forgiveness for reconciliation and although a part of forgiveness, reconciliation is the opposite side of the same coin.

To get to reconciliation a person must repent and receive forgiveness first.

Love & Respect is a marriage seminar unlike any other.

Love best motivates a woman and respect most powerfully motivates a man.

Ephesians 5:33 states this truth—” However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.”

“It’s the marriage you’ve always wanted.”

What is the Conquer Series?

This is a nine-week journey into sexual purity.

It is not about behavior modification, but heart transformation. It gives men the opportunity to look past sinful behavior and look at the root issues of the heart.

Why a One-Year Journey?

Well, there is no way to describe the richness of these events in my life fully. Not even a book would be adequate!

I was invited to these experiences by a friend and like he, I am seeking one more man to enter into these life-changing encounters with God and other men.

Isolation is literally killing us as we believe the lie that we don’t need God or others in life.

Waking up every day and declaring that I need God has become vital.

The realization that I was not trusting God or loving others was devastating.

With SPAR as the central element, this one-year journey is a path of discipleship I had never imagined.

All of these events taken together invite men into a great adventure and the gift of freedom in Christ.

Step into freedom with me this year. You will not regret it. The journey never ends.

-Paul Bolding

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