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We are convinced that the primary reason that the church is struggling to turn pew sitters into powerful ministers is one simple reason. Many pastors and church leaders have simply not been exposed to the New Testament way of relationally making disciples, one person at a time.

Step 1

Connecting People

So, exactly what is it that we partner with church’s to do? Basically, three things. The first is called “Connecting People.” Having a small group ministry doesn’t guarantee that the wonderful people in your church are going to connect together as the living, breathing Body of Christ. As a matter of fact, 80% of the time, they do not. Which means that most church goers continue to suffer from mankind’s biggest problem: Isolation.

That’s right.  We are convinced that the greatest spiritual problem for every man and woman is isolation.  Genesis 3 makes that clear when we see the bottom line of the first sin.  Verse 6 says,  “Adam and Eve saw their nakedness, became afraid, and…..hid.”  We have been hiding ever since.  This is the cause of almost all of our pain and struggle.  When we attempt to follow Jesus by ourselves, it never works.

We were created for one thing:  Intimacy.  We can only be spiritually healthy in intimate relationships with God and others.  Once-a-week small group meetings are a poor substitute for intimate, Christ-centered community.  Our strength as a movement is empowering believers to repent of pride and fear that keeps them from the deep connection that they strongly desire.

What If…

Every person in your church dropped the masks that they wear on Sunday morning?

It would be a genuine spiritual revival.  And every person in your church is hungry for this freedom.  They simply need to be fiercely and lovingly led out of the pain of isolation.  We train church leaders how to do just that.

Step 2

Freeing Hearts

The second thing that we do to serve churches is called “Freeing Hearts.”  This is a natural step that occurs once believers come out of hiding.  When a man or woman sheds all of their masks, what remains?  The desperate needs of the heart.  We spend much of our time training ordinary church members in how to help others find spiritual freedom.

How does this happen?  We believe that the primary purpose of God’s Word is for repentance, or a “change of mind.”  We have discovered that most Christians don’t have a problem with their “belief system.”  Their theology is fine, thanks to the excellent teachers that fill the pulpits of most American churches.  The problem lies in the actual beliefs in our hearts.

It is very easy to know God’s truth in our heads while believing lies in our hearts.  For example, all Christians would be quick to acknowledge that they believe Philippians 4”19: “My God shall supply all my need, according to His riches in glory.”  And yet, most believers will struggle with fear this week concerning their personal finances.  This is bondage, not freedom.

Biblical repentance means living our lives aware of the lies that we are believing about ourselves, God, and others.  And most importantly, allowing God to speak His truth to our hearts through His Word, the Holy Spirit, and other believers.

Equip The Body of Christ

It is difficult to live with free hearts without the help of others.

We train church members how to minister to others in the four big spiritual obstacles: Fear, Unforgiveness, Shame, and Expectations. Bible studies and sermons that produce head knowledge are not enough. We must equip the Body of Christ to minister freedom to the hearts of others.

Step 3

Multiplying Leaders

The third thing that we do to serve the church is called “Multiplying Leaders.” This is experiential equipping for relational disciplemaking. Look at what Jesus did with twelve unschooled men. He changed the world. And now we get to do the same. Who are your twelve? Have you been equipped to turn your 12 into 12,000?

The church is aiming at a noble goal, it is just a wrong one. Our goal is NOT to help people grow spiritually. Our goal is to equip people to “Go and make disciplemakers!” This happens relationally, one person at a time. The wonderful folks in our partner churches are always looking for the “next person to disciple.” And God always sends the next person, whether it is an unsaved person, a lonely single mom, or a man struggling with a meth addiction.

God’s will for every person in every church is the same: Find your twelve disciples and help them find their twelve. Let’s help our church members get off the spiritual growth treadmill and begin to experience the adrenalin rush of multiplying disciplemakers!


“This has been a radical experience and a reminder of the man God has called me and empowered me to be. I am free to be myself. I am not defined by what I do, but by who I am.”

Age 41
Whitehouse, Texas

It’s That Simple

Connecting People, Freeing Hearts, Multiplying Disciplemakers.

These are the Big Three that will empower any church to make the transition from being a program-based church to a relationship-based church. It will feel like the winds of renewal have finally arrived. All because your church will be giving believers what they were created for: intimacy with others, spiritual freedom in the depth of their hearts, and the joy of playing a crucial part of a Kingdom purpose that will truly turn the world upside down.

It is not church as usual with the Freedom Trainings family of churches.  What happens Monday through Saturday is much, much more important that anything that happens on Sunday morning in these congregations!  If you are hungry for church health, or just curious about what we do to serve the church, we would love to spend some time and get to know you.  All of our ministry flows through the local church.

Awaken The Warriors Heart

If there is any way we can serve you, your small group, or your church, please let us know. If you would like to participate in one of our upcoming trainings, we would be excited to have you. Thanks!

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