To really follow Jesus means to come into my calling, and that means I need to come out of my comfort zone.

Part of Jesus’ ministry while here on earth was not that of a comforter but instead, He confronted ideas that kept people in bondage.

Sometimes I associate the presence of God with comfort and I associate the enemy with confrontation and conflict; however, often times it is the enemy who is giving me false comfort and it is God that is putting me in conflict.

Again, to come into my calling will require me to come out of my comfort zone.

Calling is about vision and the level at which I see the giftings God has placed in my life.

God will never call me to do something outside of my competency.

The greatest enemy of Faith is not fear but familiarity. Fear is an ally of Faith. Fear puts me in a place where I know I need God.

Fear can lead to Faith, but familiarity can keep me stuck in predictable cycles that can be pitiful and be nothing more than dysfunctional comfort.

When I think about the dysfunctional comfort in my life, I realize I have learned to love the comfort. I don’t love the dysfunction, I don’t love the enemy and I don’t love the sin.

My dysfunction gives me an excuse to not fulfill my calling but it is comfortable, so rather than come up to the level God has called me to, I indulge in dysfunctional comfort.

The enemy wants me to run for comfort, for places outside of my calling so he can keep me comfortable in my dysfunction so that I no longer see it as a problem because it has become so normal for me.

Jesus came to confront my dysfunctional comfort.

The presence of God has been so strong at times in my life when I am the most uncomfortable.

If all I associate Jesus with is comfort then I can miss Him at times because He also comes to confront me – which is not the same as condemnation.

Confrontation has the means to change me, condemnation does not. Condemnation is not the Spirit of Christ.

The enemy does not want me to get uncomfortable because then I would change.

Does some dysfunctional comfort need to die in my life, so that something good can come alive and step closer to God’s calling for my life? Absolutely!

Contributed By – Keith Nail

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