Men's Bootcamp

Redefining the masculine heart

The Men’s Boot Camp is a journey of initiation into Godly manhood. It is a time to destroy isolation and experience the power of spiritual brotherhood. You will discover the source of true power that is available for every man. You must be willing to look honestly at your own heart, confront your fears, and expose any darkness that is keeping your from being the man that God created you to be. The weekend is best described as an encounter with Father God that results in genuine freedom.

I was isolated to the things that God had for me. I was unclear to who I am in Jesus. I found that God had a plan for me and I could be the man He created me to be without apology. I found a group of men that are just like me. Broken and needy, just like me they all struggle with some sin and through the brotherhood we can support each other when we fall and remind each other that God loves and cares for us no matter what. God bless men’s bootcamp.

age 59, Lindale

I grew up in church. I thought I knew what it meant to be a christian. During high school, college,  and my first marriage, I strayed far from God. My first marriage resulted in an emotional roller coaster and eventual divorce. After going through boot camp, I’ve recognized my weakness face to face. I’ve kicked my sin to the curb. I realized I have a freedom that only God can give. In that freedom I will always choose Jesus.

age 37, Dallas

This has been a radical experience and a reminder of the man God has called me and empowered me to be. I am free to be myself. I am not defined by what I do, but by who I am.

age 23, Tyler

The East Texas Brotherhood saved my life. In 2011 my wife told me that our marriage was officially over. I was slam dunked into pain that I never knew existed. My boot camp brothers ran to my rescue. Every day, for many months they bombarded me with phone calls, texts, and pure love. They sat with me for hours on end and listened to my confusion, pain, rage, and sadness. They didn’t flinch when I gave up on my call with God. They invited me to sleep over at their house when loneliness was overwhelming.  Whenever the enemy told me that I was pathetic wimp of a man, a brother would call and tell me how powerful I really am. Without the affirmation of my brothers, today I would be a drunken agnostic. Through the most horrific season of my life, I was not alone.

age 48, Lindale

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