Soft Warrior Weekend

a life we were made to live

Soft Warrior is a weekend retreat designed for women, a pause from the everyday life to experience God in His sacred presence with one another and reclaim stolen abundance. It is an invitation to discover our delight to God, each of us as His unique daughter. It is a call to free ourselves from hindrances, shame and fears keeping us from honest and relational living…the life we were made to live. It is an opportunity to throw off any burden that keeps us from selflessly loving others in the world as God has called us.


“I will no longer hold onto my past pain. I will no longer believe the lies born out of that pain. I will move forward in the truth of God’s love and grace.”

age 46, Tyler

“I will be more bold and not keep to myself, silent or hidden. I will actively seek God.”

age 21, Brenham Texas

“The freedom that the training brings is amazing for yourself, but to see others breakthrough there is so awesome!”

age 41, Whitehouse Texas

“I am more aware that I take control away from God. I am going to be more intentional about not taking control.”

age 26, Tyler Texas

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