Helping Local Churches Relationally Make Disciples

One Person At A Time

A Network Of Local Churches

Strengthening Our Partnership Churches

Freedom Trainings functions simply as a network of local churches. Our mission is to serve pastors and help the local church become as healthy as possible. All of our ministries are an expression of the local body of Christ, and exist to strengthen our partnership churches.

Making Disciples Relationally

Just Like Jesus Did

We are committed to the Jesus model of making disciples – one person at a time. We empower the church to create intimate relationships among their church members. These relationships are the foundation for a powerful and fruitful ministry within all levels of the church.

Weekend God Encounters for men, women, and marriages.

Freedom Trainings

Our gift to the local church are our relational discipleship trainings.  These were designed so that any church, regardless of denomination, can make disciples relationally, just like Jesus did.


Catalyst is a 12-week God encounter.

Forgiving Forward Training

Free From The Torment Of Unforgiveness

Freedom Ministry Training

Two-day, Hands-on Experiential Training

Soft Warrior Weekend

A Very Personal Reflection And Discovery

S.P.A.R. Relationships

The kingdom of God is a relational kingdom


“This has been a radical experience and a reminder of the man God has called me and empowered me to be. I am free to be myself. I am not defined by what I do, but by who I am.”

Age 41
Whitehouse, Texas

Let Us Serve Your Church

If there is any way we can serve you, your small group, or your church, please let us know. If you would like to participate in one of our upcoming trainings, we would be excited to have you. Thanks!

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