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Starts on December 6th at 7:00 PM and goes through to December 7th at 5:00 PM

Where: Stone Fort Camp in Whitehouse
Who can attend: Only men who have attended boot camp previously may attend.
Sale Ends: November 29 - Ticket MUST be purchased to attend.
What to Bring: Toiletries, Notebook and pen, appropriate clothing and hiking shoes, bedding, snacks and drinks to share. Breakfast and lunch on Saturday will be provided.
Event Description
What is the future of Freedom Trainings? What will it look like five years from now? What do we want to accomplish? What will it take to get us there? These questions are vitally important to the ministry of Freedom Trainings. And this ministry belongs to the scores of men who have found freedom through boot camp as well through life in the brotherhood. So the big questions should be answered by all of you. This is your ministry, and this is your opportunity to contribute in a major way. For this event to be a success, we want to achieve three things:
1. Enjoy manly worship and fellowship with your brothers
2. Create a clear mission and vision statement for the future of Freedom Trainings, and identify the untapped gifts and abilities in the men in our organization
3. Provide an open forum for men to put a voice to what's working, and what needs improvement
This will be a good time to meet some guys you've never met, and to catch up with some you haven't seen in a while. We're looking forward to seeing you there.
For more information, call Mark Ledyard at 903-216-8726

Join our Board

Freedom Trainings is looking to fill open positions on our board of directors. This is a unique opportunity to be involved in a growing ministry that is passionate about spreading the message of Freedom in Christ.  In the coming months, Freedom Trainings will begin a strategic plan for the future, so board members will play an active role. To apply, click the button below.  Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.