New Freedom Trainings Giving Platform

Dear Donor,

You are receiving this message because you have, at some point, donated to our ministry. We are undergoing some significant, positive changes, some of which will affect our giving platform. Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening:

A New Giving Platform
About a month ago, we rolled out a new website, hosted by a new company, called Subsplash.  We’re excited about the new format, and the increased functionality, which will help us connect and communicate with people who are interested in our ministry. One of the benefits of the new website is a new, integrated giving platform, which will be easier to use both for us and our donors. It is also cheaper than our current giving platform, Giving Fuel, so we are happy about the cost savings.

What We Will Be Doing
Part of our agreement with Subsplash is that we will use them exclusively as our online giving platform.  That means that we need to move all of our donations from Giving Fuel to our new platform.  This transition will be tedious, because it’s difficult for donors to alter their donations through Giving Fuel. So we will be cancelling all recurring donations through Giving Fuel manually.  We will be completing this task by the end of this week. If your recurring donation is set for the 4th day of the month, or earlier, your payment for October has already been completed. If it’s the 5th day of the month or after, it will not be processed with the current system. However, you should check your financial records to verify this.

What We Need From You
If you have a recurring donation with Giving Fuel, we would love for you to set up a new recurring donation through our new platform. You can do this easily by going to our website, HERE. What you will want to do is verify your last payment through the old system. For example, if your last payment was made on October 1, you will want to set the first date of your new recurring payment for November 1.  If your payment is scheduled for a date later this month, say, October 15, then you will want to set the date for the new recurring payment for October 15, since that payment through Giving Fuel will not be completed.

What Else?
First, we are very grateful for the financial support we receive from our supporters. Second, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We know that change is tricky, and there will be some bumps along the way. Third, if you have given to our ministry in the past, but have not done so recently, we invite you to consider supporting us again. We are in a time of growth and progress, and there are good things happening. Your financial gifts make our ministry possible. Finally, if you have any questions about the transition to the new giving platform, our new website, or the future of Freedom Trainings, I invite you to e-mail me at [email protected], or call or text me at 903-216-8726. Thank you for your understanding and support!  God bless,

Mark Ledyard
Executive Director