Your  Freedom:   God's  GIFT,  Our  Passion

You  Are  a  Unique  Daughter  of  Christ 

What  Is  Our  Purpose?

Our  mission  is  to  spread  the  good  news  of  Freedom  in  Christ,  through  genuine  relationships   within  the  body  of  believers.   We  offer  weekend  events  that  show  women  what  it  means  to  live  out  of  their true,  God-given  identity.

We  are  committed  to  the  Jesus  model  of  making  disciples  –  one  woman  at  a  time.  These  relationships  are  the  foundation  for  a  powerful  and  fruitful  ministry  here  in  East  Texas  and beyond.

Soft  Warrior

She  is  clothed  with  strength and dignity;  she  can  laugh  at  the  days  to  come.   Proverbs  31:25

Soft  Warrior  is  an  overnight  pause  from  everyday  life  to  experience  the  living  God.   The  weekend  is  designed  to  be  a  very  personal reflection  and  discovery.   The  weekend  will  help  women discover  more  of  who God  is.   It  is  an  invitation  to  delight  in  our  identity  as  a  unique  daughter  of  Christ.   He  calls  us  to  live  free  of  shame  and  fear  in  honest  relationship  with  Him  and  others.

Soft  Warrior  is  an  opportunity  to  experience  freedom,  learn  tools  to  maintain it,  and  make  connections  with  other  women  who  are  seeking  community  with  other  believers.   Soft  Warrior  is  more  than  a  retreat,  a Bible  study,  or  an  event.  It is  a  chance  to  discover  the  power  of  the  real  you  because  of  the  Holy  Spirit  in  you.

Your Journey Begins Here:
Women's Soft Warrior Weekend

Ready to experience true freedom?  Below you will find our Eventbrite link to help get you registered. Don't see an event listed? Check back with us soon as we always have new ones popping up!

Community  Building

Make  the  Choice  to  Step  Out  of  Isolation

"A  person  standing  alone  can  be  attacked  and  defeated,  but  two  can  stand back-to-back  and  conquer.  
Three  are  even  better,  for  a  triple-threaded  cord  is  not  easily  broken."
Ecclesiastes 4:12

Be  Praying  Over  the  Upcoming  Precious  Warrior  Weekend  and SWister  Reconnect  Weekend.

From  paint  parties  to  food  trucks  and  games,
check  out  fun  pictures  below.  

Nope!  We  are  not  isolating!

Monthly Events Pictures

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Remind  Yourself  to  Keep  Choosing  to  Live  in  Freedom!

Life  After  Soft  Warrior:  Women's  SPAR

Get  Connected  with  Your  Soft  Warrior  Sisters  and  Live  in  Freedom

We  call  these  life-giving  connections  SPAR  relationships.  
Below  are  a  list  of  locations  where you  can  dive  deeper  into  what you  experienced  at  Soft  Warrior  and  truly  be  genuine  with  fellow  sisters  in  Christ.

Monday  Night  SPAR  @   7:00  PM

Need  a  1-on-1  SPAR? 

Wood  County  Cowboy  Church
3435  FM 2088,  Quitman,  TX  75783

Freedom  Minister  Training:
Freed  Women  Free  Women

This  training  is  for  women  who  have  gone  through  a  Soft  Warrior  Weekend  and  want  to  learn  more  about  having  freedom  conversations  in  their  everyday  life with  other  women.
FMT  Weekends  are  in  February  and  October
To reserve you  spot  and  find  out  more  information,  please  complete  the  form  provided.

Meet  the  Women's  Leadership  Team!

Natalie  Battles

Soft  Warrior  Since  2017
My  Soft  Warrior  Weekend  help  me  LET  GO  of  unforgiveness  and  OLD  BAGGAGE  that  was  WEIGHING  me  down.    It  brought  me  an  AMAZING  COMMUNITY  of  women  that  I  do  life  with.

Vicky  Bond

Soft  Warrior  Since 2015
Soft  Warrior  helped  me  realize  that  FORGIVENESS  was  the  only  way  to  have  PEACE  and  JOY  back  in  my  life!   I  chose  that  weekend  and  every  week  since  then  to  be  DIFFERENT  and  live  in  FREEDOM.

Jenni  Higginbotham

Soft  Warrior  Since  2014
Soft  Warrior  showed  me  that  FREEDOM  comes  with  FORGIVENESS  and  the  STRENGTH  that  comes  with  COMMUNITY!

Jennifer  Hinton

Soft  Warrior  Since  2014
Soft  Warrior  has  taught  me  that (1)  my  TRUE  IDENTITY  comes  from  the  LORD,  not  from  my  past;  (2)  forgiveness  is  a  DAILY  way  of  life;  and  (3)  I  get  to  daily  CHOOSE  God's  JOY!

Sara  Ransom

Soft  Warrior  Since  2015
My  Soft  Warrior  experience  taught  me  how  to  RECOGNIZE  the  LIES  that  Satan  tries  to  get  me  to  believe.   Because  of  God's  GRACE,  I  now have  a  COMMUNITY  of  SISTERS  who  I  can  reach  out  to  day  or  night when  the  going  gets  tough!

Krystal  Swink

Soft  Warrior  Since  2015
My  Soft  Warrior  Weekend  opened my  eyes  to the  SHAME  and  unforgiveness  that  was  ROBBING  ME  of  joy  and  true  FREEDOM.   I  was  able  to  truly  accept  GRACE  and  give  it  UNCONDITIONALLY!