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Works 'by faith' or 'for faith'?

Works within salvation is vital, it gives evidence of faith.  Not only that, it gives evidence for God, and glory to God in the world and to the world.

Maybe that's why some people distort works as vital for salvation.

Works are the end game of faith while in the world.  They prove we are Jesus' disciples.  They are connected to bearing fruit, proclaiming the gospel, making disciples, and caring for those in need; everything connected to the mission of Christ is through works.

The wonderful truth about salvation by faith in the work of what Christ has done is that the gift of the Holy Spirit now empowers the family of God unto good works,  "that we should walk in them", Eph. 2:10, confirming that our good works is an expression of our faith.

So, not only am I saved by faith, my works are motivated and empowered by faith!  Paul states in Timothy that good stewardship flows from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

Another distinction between 'by faith' and 'for faith' is peace within and the joy expressed outwardly as I am working the work. If God has saved me by grace through faith, then its my privilege to live out my faith in this world.
There is no getting around the  connection of works to salvation, I am, however, so thankful that salvation is not connected to works.

Luther describes the gift and empowerment of faith unto good works:

"Faith is God’s gift and grace, obtained by one man, Christ.  Therefore, faith is something very powerful, active, restless, effective, which at once renews a person and again regenerates him, and leads him altogether into a new manner and character of life, so that it is impossible not to do good without ceasing."

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