How God Sees Me

"God forgives and transforms, He does not overlook."
Can you wrap your mind around this thought? Because when you do, you will be filled with gratitude and you will engage in God's process.
Am I a 'dirty rotten' person trying to live 'good'? In my way of thinking, yes, but is that God's perspective? I know that when I'm unjustly hurt from my point of view, I can carry a grudge. This grudge will darken every area of my life. I can easily see the way my emotions affect my relationships is the same way God is affected by my inconsistencies with Him. Certainly, I've disappointed Him again.
Here's the difference: throughout the day I filter my experiences through my sense of value. With that, I'm either validated or offended. Not so with God. He does not connect my behavior to His value. My sin does not affect His purity. My distorted way of thinking doesn't define God. He's not moping around feeling insecure because I have yet again misrepresented Him in my life!
My emotional stability is in direct proportion to what I believe about God - His forgiveness, His holiness and His personal involvement in my life. I either believe what God says about me, and His transforming work in me, or I don't. If I don't, it doesn't affect God, but it certainly affects the way I walk. When will I embrace how God sees me as the reality, the filter that my life experiences pass through? In that place, I see myself realistically, forgive quickly, interpret another's words and ways in humility; a stability that brings peace.

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