Maturity or Judgement

Brothers, there is a spectrum within Christianity and this spectrum is not predicated on anything but growth (maturity). Look close at Rom.14 there you will notice that the one offended by the freedom of another is considered weak in the faith, a weaker brother. Interestingly, Paul equates weak with legalistic, if legalistic then judgmental.

Could a legalistic brother still be in the spectrum of growth/maturity? Maybe, by observation, a legalist believes they've already arrived. Legalism is connected to a heart condition called pride, and within pride, there is 'standing'. Growth is of no concern, what matters most is the "list", hence judgment.  Whereas mature and immature are a place. In that place is process, in process is grace, curiosity, empathy, love, understanding, and truth. They are more concerned with truth than status, with relationship than the list.

Paul is quick to admonish the mature not to enter judgment on the weak brother. He reminds him of the real issue - a life lived unto God. It's in that relationship with God conviction is formulated. This conviction is in the quietness of one's heart. From that place conversation outside of judgment takes place, and growth cultivated, (on both sides).
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