Brokenness to Surrender

There is a deficiency that may not be recognized, but it results in acting out by ways that cover-up, dismiss, diminish or deaden.
The distractions of life keep us in this place of unawareness and repetitive destructive behavior.
Selfishness, immaturity and pride keep us justifying.
Fear keeps the blinders on so we won't look at a cause or alternative, or even the beauty around us.
"Stuck" comes to mind, blind; living in dark deception.

We know that the deficiency is an inadequate view of God and who He says we are.
The Jewish people, even when they understood the Covenant of God with curses and blessings associated with it, walked their own way - a way that resembled the world around them. The prosperity of the other nations captivated them. They put aside God's ways for the ways of the world.

"Brokenness" is interesting to think about because the state of brokenness can take place in so many ways. It could be circumstances due to our own irresponsibility and life "implodes". It could be the very hand of God in the form of discipline, (Heb.12). It could be natural occurrences of a sin-sick world that all mankind suffers under. The point is that trials are an interruption, a gift to refocus, realign, reassess, or even to discover for the first time a reality that transcends what you see, touch, feel and have been striving in. Trying to make sense of, or survive in a world you can't seem to make work for you.

Brokenness is a place one stops and acknowledges they can't do life, or, there's more to life. The point is, circumstances move their eyes to something beyond themselves. Something they've forgotten, or may never have known,  but are now willing to look at. A place of humility, the place God desires every man to be...always. Why? Because God knows that we are only fulfilled and satisfied when our life is surrendered to His life.
In that place, one's eyes are open to new possibilities. Open to the beauty and celebrate the differences of their spouse. Open to loving others the way they are experiencing love from God, a love unconditional, long-suffering, sacrificial, forgiving.

In that place they learn about God's perspective for the wounds received in their past; wounds that have sabotaged their life. Wounds that left them with feelings of deficiency - throwing them into cycles of destructive behavior, leading them to brokenness.
A cycle that doesn't have to take place, but more times than not, do. A place where redemption and restoration brings a man to humility and gratitude which opens his heart up to the "important" in life, the eternal, relational and most valuable. In that place there is no deficiency, he's full, whole and complete. A place where "purpose" is discovered and responsibility embraced.

However, the key to unlock this door is in the quiet of solitude, free of distractions gazing upon God in the face of Jesus by his Word - Eph. 2:4,5 "But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved"  
(maturity through humility, humility through brokenness)

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