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What Is Your Question?

If you find yourself stagnant in the midst of SPAR, bible study, or going to church, be aware that you may have fallen into a formulaic way of living Christianity.

We're all attracted to advice because we want to grow and improve. We're drawn to groups, wanting to belong and do the right thing. Not only that, but we want to be encouraged to live within the system of this world differently.  Yet all of a sudden, we stop growing, but we’re not aware of it.

What is happening? Could it be that we have fallen into 'answers' and have stopped asking questions?

At SPAR Monday night I noticed something about this group of men that each SPAR group must intentionally be aware of. Nearly every man was asking questions. As they heard a man's story they heard a man that had fallen into a status quo Christianity, and recognizing it, they asked questions that moved this man into a new perspective on God and himself!

Here's the point: our inquisitiveness will keep the "elements" of our Christian life connected to the Essence and always moving toward growth.

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