What I Long For

I have noticed something in me as years pass and my time with God continues; a greater longing for my glory, whether by way of Jesus coming again or by way of my own death. Rather than this being a morbid thought, or giving up on life and wishing for my own demise, I see it as living hope ignited by the unseen reality ever increasing in its reality.

Does 1 John 5:19 open my eyes to my present reality? Of course it does. Does 1 John 5:20 open my heart to understand what God has accomplished so that I might know Him and the identity which is only found in Him? Oh yes! Will this "knowing" (the intimacy of relationship) satisfy my soul while in this world to such an extent that the schemes of Satan to entice the needs of my flesh pale in comparison? Maybe. At times. Therein lies Paul's admonishment of verse 21. In light of the reality unseen, I'm empowered by the love of the God of that reality to surrender my felt desires to His will in His way, and thus I worship Him only.

Not only do I see the reality of the world I presently live in, but I'm also given a picture of the reality of glory that I'm growing to long for as time and life experience continue. So I will wait productively as I wait for what I long for.
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